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Ask me anything   My name is Kayla and I have an old soul. I love to write, it is my passion. I am obsessed with Vera Bradley. I love and have two dogs. I love all things Disney. The monkees are my favorite group ever. I am addicted to coffee. Reading is also a passion. Some of my favorite books include To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, The Iron Fey series, Harry Potter, and many many more. I love movies, Hugh Grant is my favorite actor. I love God with all my heart. Any questions just ask! :)

My macbook came in today! Woohoo!

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studies have shown if you do not have a crush on dean winchester you are lying
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[In which we are simultaneously Jennifer and Colin.]

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emma:*knock knock knock-knock knock*
emma:do you wanna see my magiiiiiiiic?
emma:come on just look my waaaaay
emma:we're never flirting anymore
emma:come out the door
emma:it's like you've gone awaaaaaay
emma:we used to be so flirty
emma:and now we're not
emma:i wish you would tell me whyyyyyyyyyyy
emma:do you wanna see my magiiiiiiiiic?
emma:it doesn't have to be my magiiiiiiiiiic
hook:bad form, swan
emma:okay byeeeeeeee
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I’ve been feeling a little insane these past few days. I’ve had a lot running through my head. And of course I needed an outlet for all these pent of emotions so I wrote. I have written 2 poems since Saturday.

I honestly think I made myself feel these emotions so I could write. I’ve never written poetry before and never had the desire. But all of these insane feelings helped me get them out in writing a poem.

It has helped me figure things out to an extent. However…I’m kind of nervous if I’m going to make myself insane in the long run to get my creative juices flowing. Because let me tell you that what I’ve experienced here lately has been miserable.

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i love it when TV shows make references to other TV shows






now we just need a show that references Supernatural

You mean like



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the best scene in all 10 series

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How can my family keep making my graduation about my sisters birthday?

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